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However, some patients are diagnosed with severe histoplasmosis. What it is? This form of nexium pills is accompanied by more pronounced disorders. First, a fever appears (often the body temperature rises to 41 degrees), as well as some other symptoms of intoxication, including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. The patient complains of severe sweating, which alternates with severe chills. There is weakness, severe headaches, coughing with sputum, attacks of which are often accompanied by chest pains. The symptoms of the disease include arthralgia.

After a few days (sometimes even weeks), the fever subsides, but the subfertile body temperature persists. Patients during this period complain of severe weakness and fatigue, loss of appetite, a sharp decrease in body weight. Chronic form of the disease. In the absence of treatment or improperly administered therapy, patients sometimes develop chronic histoplasmosis. The symptoms of this disease are most often blurred. From time to time, patients develop a slight fever, which, however, quickly passes by itself. In addition, a persistent cough, which is often accompanied by sputum production, can also be attributed to the signs of the disease, and also causes breathing problems.

There are some very serious complications that chronic histoplasmosis can lead to. The x-ray photo above shows that lung tissue changes over time. To buy nexium online with, infiltrates are formed in the foci of inflammation, which can disappear or turn into fibrosis. Also, this form of the disease is fraught with the formation of calcifications in the lung tissue. It should be noted that chronic histoplasmosis is often combined with other equally dangerous diseases, including tuberculosis, leukemia, sarcoidosis, and reticulosis.

Unfortunately, this form of the disease is difficult to treat. As a rule, patients require repeated courses of therapy, which help to buy esomeprazole tablets changes in lung tissue and other complications. This form of the disease is accompanied by a secondary lesion of various organ systems. What does disseminated histoplasmosis look like? Symptoms in the early stages are similar to the common cold. First, the body temperature rises. Then, patients have standard manifestations of intoxication of the body. Patients complain of aches and weakness in the body, severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, chills. There is also increased sweating.

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Skin histoplasmosis is common. In this condition, skin tissues are affected, which is accompanied by certain symptoms. What exactly does a similar histoplasmosis look like? The photo shows that patients have rashes of varying intensity. It can be erythema, hemorrhagic or maculopapular rash, and sometimes furunculosis.

There are other options for the course of the disease. Often, the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms leads to the development of abscesses of the subcutaneous tissue, ulcerative stomatitis, pharyngitis, and the appearance of ulcers on the external genital organs. Histoplasmosis of the eyes is accompanied by damage to the conjunctiva and often leads to dangerous complications, up to loss of vision.